How to properly clean pores?

How to properly clean pores

Clogged pores can lead to acne or various other skin problems due to which it is necessary to clean pores on a regular basis. Human skin pores are small but over the course of time, tiny particles of dust or grime may start to accumulate in them that can lead to clogging them. The size of the force is natural and usually it cannot be changed, however, the dirt or clogging inside the pores can be removed by following a few methods for skin cleaning. In this article, we will explain two common methods, which the readers can perform in order to clean pores. The readers can perform these methods at home without requiring any professional help.

Cleaning pores through steaming of skin

It is one of the most common, budget and time friendly methods to clean pores at home. In this method, the skin of the affected person has to be steamed in order to remove the clogging in the pores. However, special care is required before performing this method since it can also lead to damaging sophisticated skin. The steps involved in the process are as follows:

  1. In the first step, wash the face with the help of a cleaning agent or a cleanser that is most suited for the skin type. This will help remove dirt or oil that may be present on the skin.
  2. Now, take some water in a pot and boil it over the stove for some time. The water should be heated until steam starts to rise above the water surface.
  3. Now, the person has to kneel over the pot where the steam is rising. It is important to keep the face over the pot and cover the head with the help of towel so that the steam does not leak. In this way, steam will encounter the face that will help in dislodging clogged particles from the skin pores.
  4. Continue the process of steaming the skin for 5 to 10 mins by keeping the face at an appropriate distance from the pot.
  5. After the required amount of time has passed, wash the face with the help of a cleanser. This process can help clean pores in an effective manner.
  6. When the skin comes in contact with steam, it can lead to dryness of the skin. Therefore, it is important to moisturize the skin after performing the process to clean the pores.

Cleaning process through deep cleaning of the face

Another common method that is most commonly used by people at home in order to clean pores. However, some commercial items may be required in order to conveniently perform the process. The supplies that are necessary in order to perform the process are a cleanser, a scrubber, and a face mask. The steps involved in the process are as below:

  1. In the first step, wash face with the help of lukewarm water and the cleaning process agent. We recommend using a toner with the face wash in order to balance the PH of the skin.
  2. Now, scrub the skin gently with the help of a scrubber that will help remove dead skin cells or oil that has accumulated on the surface of the skin. However, it is important to scrub the skin gently since rough scrubbing can lead to other problems for skin.
  3. We recommend using a face mask in order to clean skin of impurities that may
    accumulate over time. A face mask will also help remove dirt and oil that may clog the pores.

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