How to effectively Perform Oven Cleaning process for household ovens?

How to effectively Perform Oven Cleaning process for household ovens

Oven cleaning process has to be performed regularly at homes since the food is either cooked or heated in ovens. Owing to the value of service of an oven, it is extremely important to keep it clean. During heating in the oven, liquid contents or food items may spill in the oven. Similarly, oil or chemicals may also spill on heating if they are placed inside the oven. Smoke is another problem with ovens, which needs to be removed during the oven cleaning process. Sometimes, due to heating or smoke, dark areas may start to appear at different places inside the oven. These dark patches are also cleaned with the help of a cleaning agent.

Supplies Required to Perform Oven Cleaning Process

Oven Cleaning can be easily performed at home with the help of few supplies. Some of the common supplies required are as follow:

  1. Baking Soda: It is a popular natural cleaning agent. It is recommended to use baking soda in order to clean oven.
  2. White Vinegar: Vinegar is another cleaning agent, which also helps in removing odor from the oven.
  3. Hot Water: In order to create the cleaning mixture and applying it on all areas of the oven.
  4. Spray Bottle: In order to apply the cleaning mixture to different parts of the oven.
  5. Soft Cloth: In order to clean the dirty areas. The soft cloth may be required for drying purposes as well.
  6. Gloves: They should be worn during the oven cleaning process for safety purposes.

Procedure for Cleaning the Household Oven

Following steps are involved in cleaning a household oven:

  1. First, empty the oven by removing racks, oven thermometer, pizza stone and any other thing present inside.
  2. Secondly, unplug the oven and place it in a suitable cleaning environment.
  3. Now, create the baking soda solution for cleaning purposes. Put it in the spray bottle so that it is easy to apply it to the dirty areas.
  4. Before starting the cleaning process, remove the smoke content from the oven by ventilating it.
  5. Now, clean the oven with the help of hot water.
  6. Once the inside of the oven is wet, start applying the cleaning agent on areas requiring cleaning.
  7. Rub this area with the help of white cloth. Continue the rubbing process until the dark spots have been removed. Apply more cleaning agent as required.
  8. Let the cleaning agent work for almost 6-12 hours.
  9. After an appropriate time, wash the oven again with clean water.
  10. Now, dry the oven with the help of a clean cloth.
  11. Put back all the oven accessories inside as required.

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