How to Clean Coffee Maker Machine using Vinegar?

Mostly coffee makers are low maintenance but if they are used more often, they can get quite filthy which is why it is recommended to clean coffee maker machine at least twice every month. It has been studied that bacteria and mold grow quickly inside the coffee maker due to the habitable environment. Therefore, a strong cleaning agent like vinegar should be used to clean coffee maker machine, which can not only remove dust and mildew from the equipment but also take care of the germs growing inside. In this article, we will describe a basic procedure to clean the coffee maker in a short time.

Supplies required to perform the cleaning process

Some of the supplies that will be required to perform the cleaning process are as follows: Microfiber Cloths: In order to clean the coffee machine, a soft microfiber cloth will be used for rubbing and scrubbing. Due to spillage and external impacts, a number of stains may start to appear on the machine. The microfiber cloth can remove them with gentle rubbing. White Distilled Vinegar: Vinegar is a trusted cleaning agent and has been used for the purpose for ages. It not only removes the unwanted deposits from the machine but also kills off the growing germs and harmful microbial inside.

Procedure for cleaning the coffee maker

Given below are steps to clean coffee maker machine with the help of vinegar: In the first step, separate all the removable parts of the coffee maker machine so that
they all can be properly cleaned. Now apply medium hot water to the parts of the machine and gently rub them with the help of the soft microfiber. In the third step to clean coffee maker machine, get an appropriate solution of vinegar and apply it on different parts of the machine. Keep rubbing the machine with the help of the soft microfiber so that the dust dirt particles can be removed. Now rinse the machine with the help of clean water so that the dust and the cleaning agent residue can be removed from the surface. Replace the filter of the machine if the old ones have two or more months old. Greater number of germs can accumulate in these filters leading to unhealthy conditions. Let the coffee maker dry for some time before putting back its different parts together.

Different ways to make a Vinegar Cleaning Solution

The vinegar cleaning solution is a natural cleaning agent that provides good quality cleaning results. The use of abrasive chemicals is not always recommended for the cleaning purpose since they can have negative effects as well. Vinegar can replace various chemicals and can be a source of quick and effective cleaning for variou items at home. Therefore, in order to carry out cleaning at home, a natural Vinegar cleaning solution can be prepared at home following different methods. In this article, we will describe three methods of preparing a vinegar cleaning solution at home.

Liquid Vinegar Cleaners

A number of different natural items can be added to the vinegar in order to prepare cleaners for different purposes. Some of the liquid cleaner solutions are given as below: standard cleaning results. In case distilled water is not available then the normal tap water will also work. This solution is useful to clean dirt, spills, stains, etc. from various areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, floor, etc.

Vinegar Solution and Lemon Juice: Adding lemon juice to vinegar solution will result in a quality disinfectant agent. This solution is ideal for sanitization purposes since it can eliminate 99% germs.

Vinegar Solution and Dish Soap: Adding dish soap to the vinegar cleaning solution
provides a potent cleaning agent to remove stains from a surface.

Vinegar Solution and Alcohol: A super solution of vinegar, distilled water and alcohol
results in a reliable cleaning agent for glass. Vinegar Scrubs and Pastes
Different kinds of vinegar scrubs and pastes can provide for the useful cleaning agent to remove stains from items. Some of the popular vinegar scrubs and pastes are as follows:

Vinegar, Salt, and Borax: A paste of vinegar, salt and borax can be prepared by taking all of these items in equal quantity. The resulting paste can then be applied to stained areas on carpets, etc.

Vinegar and Baking Soda: A combination of vinegar and baking soda is useful to open the clogged drains. Baking soda has an abrasive quality while the vinegar is acidic in nature. Both these substances combine to create a potent agent that can unclog the drains.

Distilled Vinegar and Water: A solution of distilled vinegar and water will provide

Vinegar and Table Salt: Combination of vinegar and table salt has proved to be an
effective cleaning agent for brass. The scrub works with a sponge in order to remove
stains and drain from the brass surface. Vinegar Surface Polishers A number of surface polishers can be prepared by combining different oils with vinegar. One of the most popular polishers is vinegar and olive oil combination. Equal quality of vinegar and olive oil provides useful furniture polish. We recommend mixing of the two substances in a jar to get a proper homogeneous mixture. The same combination of vinegar and olive oil and vinegar is also useful in order to remove smudges from the stainless steel surfaces. The same polisher has also provided good results to clean and polish wood.